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I hate when people say money doesn’t buy you happiness. it does. it buys you financial stability, a nice house, nice cars, nice vacations and trips, healthier food, a better education, etc. like wearing burberry while driving around in an audi would probably make me pretty happy too. but it’s just that rich people often take their comfortable lives for granted and end up being spoiled and ungrateful for what they have 


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Unfollow if u endorse any of the following:
-small government communism
-small government socialism
-Republican + Democratic Party of the US
-Hillary Clinton




Someone left the fox machine running again. No, please don’t fix it.

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Stop rewarding boys for common sense/decency 2014

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Isnt it interesting while non black latinas are fetishized for their “fiery” tempers, black women are slandered because they are supposely angry all the time?? One is fetishized for their supposed anger, and another is put down for their supposed anger.

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�if u say “i love you” too often it loses its meaning�

boring people who probably read john green and listen to the beatles (via quartzwarrior)

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did some good tweets today i think

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#vague but “husbando” and “waifu” are really racist since they are literally just supposed to be english words said in “engrish” (which is racist b/c it makes fun of ppls accents) so dont use them instead consider “anime bf” or “anime gf” b/c that way u can still be anime trash but not racist anime trash ya know???

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pugs are cute until you remember humans are breeding a type of dog that commonly suffers from a plethora of frequent and significant health issues and an inability to breathe properly and is basically just destined to a life of pain

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Miya, angry asian girl, japanese/brazilian.
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